The Pennsylvania Association for Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys (PADDDA) is a collegial association of attorneys whose advocacy is on behalf of the motorist among us who has been accused of a DUI or DUI-related offense by the Government. The PADDDA is governed by a set of Bylaws that has been adopted by its members. The PADDDA has different committees tasked with specific responsibilities. The past, current and anticipated future purposes of the PADDDA can be found in its committee structure. All of the committees are currently active and are pursuing their established and stated goals.

Vision and Scope of the Committees:

(Each committee is anticipated to spend approximately the same amount of effort as measured by time.)

Public Response
Tasked with writing approved letters to the editor, making approved appearances on newscasts about DUI and DUI-related issues on behalf of PADDDA.
Amicus Committee
To monitor the state and federal courts for possible amicus opportunities, to vette and evaluate our involvement, to write approved amicus briefs on DUI and DUI-related cases.
Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
To become a registered lobby in Harrisburg, to monitor and report on legislative and regulatory affairs (DOH and PennDOT) on DUI and DUI-related matters, to make approved appearances before the House and the Senate to testify as to DUI and DUI-related matters, to appear before regulatory commissions to provide input on their regulations and rules formations.
Tasked with holding one in-person Public Defender training seminar per year, coordinate efforts with respect to webinars, become an affiliated state organization as recognized by NACDL and NCDD.
Executive Committee
General oversight and membership activities.
Electronic Newsletter
A monthly email with DUI and DUI-related matters contained within it. A circulating profile (one new one per month) of a member will be featured either in preferably an interview format.

Statement of History and of Purpose

In 2010, Justin J. McShane, Esquire was appointed the Pennsylvania State Delegate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the Board of Regents of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc (NCDD). He and others recognized the need for a better level of communication, synergy and collegiality within the NCDD members of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To that end, he established a listserv. It was proposed by McShane that this organization to be formed. The stated purpose was to provide for a more formal structure for those who are dedicated towards actually litigating DUI and DUI-related offenses for the benefit of the citizen among us who has been accused of such offenses. The idea was to organize the top Pennsylvania DUI attorneys into an organization that will promote greater and wider knowledge within the Commonwealth as to these issues, become involved in legislative and regulatory matters and file amicus curiae briefs to appellate courts within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of the Unites States.

After circulating the idea for comments, it was settled to form the organization in December of 2010 with founder member applications circulated on December 16, 2010. The original applicants were seventeen in number they included the following attorneys (listed in no particular order): Justin J. McShane, Timothy Barrouk, Michael Steven Sherman, David M Hoover, Shawn M Dorward, Kevin Feeney, Bryan DePowell, Kevin Leckerman, Brain Manchester, Beth Tibbott, Kim Reister, Josh Auriemma, Brian Schuh, David Erhard, Mark Walmer, John Ogden and Zachary Cooper. In January 2011, the bylaws were adopted by the seventeen founding members. Shortly thereafter, officers were elected. Justin J. McShane was proposed to be the founding Chairman. No others were nominated. Michael Sherman was proposed to be the founding Vice Chairman. No others were nominated. David Hoover and Brian Shuh were nominated for the position of Treasurer. An election was held. David Hoover was elected Treasurer.

Amicus Work

The Pennsylvania Association for Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys has filed four amicus briefs to date: one in the Commonwealth Court; one in the Superior Court; and two in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. We are always looking to in amicus actions both within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and outside of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


PADDDA are dedicated to education. On September 14, 2012, PADDDA held its first ever training seminar. It was held in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Bar Association. PADDDA training is always free of charge and is exclusively for the benefit of Offices of the Public Defenders in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There were 47 pre-registered attendees. Additional people came boosting the number of PDs attending to 52. The presenters were Kevin Leckerman, Zachary Cooper, Brian Manchester, Tim Barrouk, David Erhard, and Justin McShane, and Mike Sherman. PADDDA members Shawn Dorward and Jenna Fliszar served as greeters and ambassadors for our organization. The program was extremely well received. At the seminar, Justin McShane was awarded the PADDDA Outstanding Achievement Award.